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Debt Settlement Outlet Customer Testimonials

J. Dobson, Phoenix Arizona

"For years I was juggling 8-10 credit bills each month. I went through a difficult financial stretch that resulted in a divorce and a mound of debt. Everyone told me to dump my debt in a bankruptcy, but it didn't feel right. Ad much as I prayed for me debt to disappear, the bills kept coming every month. Finally I called the Debt Settlement Outlet and they were able to help be negotiate a settlement that cut my debt in half. In about 18 months I was debt free and it felt really good to wave good-bye to 75k in credit card debt! "


R. Dixon, Boston, Massachusetts

"I was in a car accident and unfortunately, my medical insurance did not cover about $40,000 worth of the surgeries that I needed to recover. After draining my savings and maxing out my credit cards, I finally paid off the medical collectors. Then I woke up and found myself with $50,000 worth of credit card debt, because my minimum payments were not even covering the interest.

The Debt Settlement Outlet helped me renegotiate the interest rates and now my bills are consolidated into payment that I can actually afford." Thanks!